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Let's talk extensions

Extensions digital consultation, terms & conditions

How to start...

New Guests:
  • Book a consultation for your colour match, extension selection and to order your hair. $25 for this visit (will be subtracted from your final total when you book in)
  • Pay your deposit for your installation appointment. 
  • Book your install appointment for approximately one week after your consultation appointment
  • You may require a colour service at the time of installation. This will be determined in the consultation

First Appoinment

  • Installation of hair extensions
  • A colour if necessary
  • Haircut to blend the extensions
  • Finished style and style tutorial
  • Walk away feeling amazing in your new hair!


  • You will need to come in every 6-12 weeks depending on the method you choose and how well you care for your hair
  • This will include removal and installation
  • You will come with clean dry hair for this appointment

Long term expectations

  • Your hair can last up to 12 months or more with proper care 
  • I will recommend products and a care routine to help keep your hair in the best shape
Lets get started! Fill out this form and I will be in touch within 24 hours with a quote and booking details
Check all that apply to your natural hair
What are your goals with your extensions
I have read the terms & conditions above and understand the deposit, guarantee, haircare and pricing terms

Thanks for submitting! I will be in touch with you within 24 hours Mon-Fri

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